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Robertson School researchers present latest studies at international conference

Jun 24, 2019

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Dr. Mallory Perryman showcases her research at the conference of the International Communication Association.

Robertson School researchers Dr. Mallory Perryman, Dr. Jeanine Guidry, Dr. Nicole O'Donnell and Dr. Grace Ji showcased their latest research studies at the conference of the International Communication Association in Washington, DC last month.

Perryman, an assistant professor in the journalism sequence, presented two research papers with her co-author Dr. Michael Wagner of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, titled "Salient Cable, Scarce Local: Public Perceptions of the Media" and "How U.S. Partisans Perceive Their Own and Others’ News Habits." The first study examined how prominent certain types of sources weigh into news consumers’ perceptions of media. The second study investigated how news consumers perceive their own media habits compared to how they view the media habits of their political comrades and rivals.

Dr. Jeanine Guidry presents a new research study with co-author Dr. Lucinda Austin from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Guidry, an assistant professor in the public relations sequence and director of the Media+Health Lab, presented the research study "Pinning pain, despair, and distress: Suicide-related visual content on Pinterest," which she co-authored with O'Donnell, who is also an assistant professor in the public relations sequence, as well as with VCU reseachers Dr. Carrie Miller and Dr. Kellie Carlyle of the Department of Health Behavior and Policy and Dr. Paul Perrin of the Department of Psychology. Guidry also presented the paper "#GunViolence on Instagram and Twitter: Examining social media advocacy in the wake of the Parkland school shooting," which she co-authored with Dr. Lucinda Austin and Dr. Michele Meyer of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Ji, also an assistant professor of public relations, is co-author of the study "The Spillover Effect of Nonprofit Performance in Corporate Social Responsibility," which was presented at the conference by her co-author Dr. Weiting Tao of the University of Miami. 

Please contact the researchers directly for questions about the studies.