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Robertson School confers more than 170 degrees at spring commencement

May 15, 2017

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Last Friday the VCU Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture held its annual spring commencement at the Richmond Convention Center where more than 170 undergraduates received their degrees.

Bob Levey, the Distinguished Dabney Professor of Journalism in the Robertson School, served as the commencement speaker. Throughout his address, Levey discussed the importance of a life-long dedication to learning and education.

(L to R) Antoniah
(L to R) Antoniah "Toni" Brown, Chase Davis and Lauren Embrey at last Friday's commencement.

‌“This may be your last day at Virginia Commonwealth University, but I want you to understand that your education begins again today because for the rest of your lives you have to be learning,” Levey said to the 173 graduates on Friday. “Just because we are putting a piece of parchment in your hand today does not mean you’re off the clock. It means you are on the clock to be the kind of citizen I want you to be and to be the kind of citizen you want to be. Learn, learn, learn—and never stop learning.”

Levey went on to discuss the importance of being an involved citizen and an involved consumer of media, stating that vetted and factual journalism—as well as the involved consumption of that journalism—is the “ticket to good citizenship.”

“Today cannot be, and I hope it will not be, the end of your independent spirit to go and seek what you need to know to be functioning people in this incredibly complicated world of ours," Levey said. "Go and do it and know that everybody at VCU is behind you. Know that you’ve had a great experience here at the Robertson School, but also know that the measure of your experience of what you’ve had here is shown by what you do with what you’ve learned starting now.”  

Robertson School graduates during Friday's commencement.
Robertson School graduates during Friday's commencement.

Aside from the conferring of degrees, the School also awarded seven faculty-nominated awards to outstanding undergraduates in advertising, journalism and public relations. The winners were as follows:

  • Kappa Ta Alpha Top Scholar Award: Lauren Embrey & Claire LeFew
  • Outstanding Creative Advertising Student Award: Kegham Hovsepian
  • Outstanding Public Relations Student Award: Ariya Nalli
  • Outstanding Strategic Advertising Student Award: Lauren Embrey
  • Outstanding Broadcast Journalism Student Award: Alexandra Johnson
  • Outstanding Print/Online Journalism Student Award: Amelia Heymann
  • The Josie Stone Award:  Jose Ayala

Watch Bob Levey's speech below:


Watch the full commencement here: