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Robertson School alumna works in governor's office

Dec 13, 2019

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Taylor Burress, Communications Intern

Headshot of Salinna Lor, Robertson School Alumna Salinna Lor, Robertson School alumna.


The Robertson School would like to congratulate alumna Salinna Lor on being appointed by Gov. Ralph Northam as special assistant in the Office of Constituent Services.

Lor started in the governor's office as a Virginia Governor's Fellow in 2018. Almost a year later Lor was appointed as a special assistant in the Office of Constituent Services.

"I felt like I had come full circle,"  Lor said.

Upon reflecting on her past year, she recalled being “so nervous and unsure” when she first started.

“Now,  I burst into my office everyday with enthusiasm and a type of confidence I didn’t even know I had in me,” she said.

Lor is looking forward to directly helping constituents in her position.

"One of the biggest reasons why I got into politics and government was because I saw how much good could be done,” she said.

Lor said her time at the Robertson School helped her get to where she is today. Lor applied for a public relations internship at the lobbyist firm David Bailey Associates after seeing an internship posting from advisor Maggie McDearmon.That experience helped jump-start her career into politics and government.

Lor said she is applying the knowledge she received from The Robertson School and will use her public relation skills to promote the 2020 Census.

"Everything we did in class was applicable to the real world and professors were able to give us practical and meaningful advice," Lor said. "The Robertson School is truly one of a kind -- take advantage of every resource you have."

She recommends meeting with professors, going to events, connecting with classmates, joining student organizations, and reach out to alumni.

"Connect with us on Linkedin and ask for advice," Lor said.

Lor encouraged students to take a leap of faith. When she applied to David Bailey Associates she said she did not have much political experience, but didn't let that stop her.

That leap of faith took Lor from VCU to the governor's office.

"I just ignored the voice in my head telling me I didn’t have a chance and applied anyway," she said.