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Professor Jennings co-authors advertising textbook

Feb 8, 2019

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By Taylor Burress, Communication Intern

Professor Marcel Jennings

The Robertson School congratulates Professor Marcel Jennings on the recent publication of the book, Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy, and Design. Jennings co-authored the fifth edition of the book with Tom Altstiel, owner of the integrated marketing company Prom Krog Altstiel, and Jean Grow, an associate professor of advertising at Marquette University. The new edition of the textbook brings in fresh perspectives and ideas that the authors have drawn upon from their experience.

“We in the Robertson School are very excited about Professor Marcel Jennings’ amazing new scholarly achievement,” said Dr. Hong Cheng, director of the Robertson School. “Marcel’s expertise and contributions have significantly helped enrich and enliven this widely adopted advertising creative book in the world.”

Jennings was brought in by Grow about three years ago when she and Altstiel were looking for a third author. They wanted someone who could lend a different voice and perspective to the new edition.

“It was a real honor to be asked by Jean and Tom, because it was already in my opinion a really strong book,” said Jennings, who is an assistant professor in the Robertson School’s advertising sequence. “I’m really fortunate that they asked me to do that. It’s a rewarding and new experience for me personally.”

Jennings has an abundance of experience as an advertising professor, award winning creative director and copywriter. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mass communications at VCU and then his master’s degree with a concentration in copywriting from the VCU Brandcenter.

“The book has a lot of real-world examples and that’s really helpful because in the classroom the way I teach is from a practical standpoint,” said Jennings. “I talk about what I know from having worked the job and what I learned from my teachers and I felt like I had some of the best teachers, here and at the Brandcenter.”

The new edition of the book continues to weave the discussion of digital messaging through every chapter. It covers more about technology and innovation in a fast paced industry while still keeping a conversational tone.

“We made sure that this was also the thread; you have to have a big idea, a strong concept, no matter what it is you’re working on,” said Jennings.

The book will not only teach students valuable lessons, but it also taught Jennings.

“I learned from the folks that contributed their stories and their testimonials,” he said. “What they wrote, their examples or their assignment ideas. I’m like that’s really smart, I’m going to do that, too. I hadn’t thought about it that way.”