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PR professors showcase latest studies at research conferences

Mar 11, 2019

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IPRRC in Orlando: Dr. Grace Ji, Conference Director Dr. Don Stacks, Dr. Baobao Song, and Dr. Mariam Alkazemi (from left). 

Several Robertson School professors presented their latest research studies at the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) in Orlando and at the Society for Behavioral Medicine (SBM) annual conference in Washington, DC last week. 

Public relations professor Dr. Grace Ji presented the results of her study "How Much Is Too Much? The Additive and Depleting Effect of Appeal, Interactivity, and Involvement in NPOs’ Social Media Messages" to academics and PR professionals at round-table discussions at IPRRC. The co-authors of her studies are Dr. Zifei Fay Chen of the University of San Francisco and Dr. Zongchao Cathy Li of San Jose State University.

Her PR colleague Dr. Baobao Song showcased results from her study "What Do Companies Give and Take in Internal CSR Communication? The Influence on Organization-Employee Relationships," which was co-authored with Dr. Weiting Tao from the University of Miami. Dr. Mariam Alkazemi discussed the results from the study "Public Health on Instagram: Examining Public Health Messages to Audiences in the Arab Gulf States." She worked in a research team with Dr.  Jeanine Guidry, Dr. Marcus Messner and doctoral student Ezaddeen Almutairi from VCU as well as Dr. Guy Golan from the University of South Florida.

Conference of the Society for Behavioral Medicine: Dr. Jeanine Guidry presented her research in Washington, DC.

Dr. Guidry presented three additional research studies at the SBM conference this weekend. Two studies focused on social media and childhood obesity ("Putting a 'pin' in childhood obesity: Recipes for children on Pinterest") as well as "Vaping on visual social media." Guidry's third study was titled "Relationships between BMI, binge eating, stressful life events, potentially traumatic events among first-year college students." She collaborated on these studies with researchers from VCU, including Dr. Rashelle Hayes, Dr. Bernard Fuemmeler, Dr. Carrie Miller, and Robertson School Professor Jay Adams as well as Dr. Andy Tan from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.

Please contact the authors for additional information about these research projects.