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Advertising professor designs award-winning record cover

Jan 31, 2017

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Bizhan Khodabandeh is a man on many talents. Aside from his full-time role an advertising professor in the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture, Khodabandeh devotes much of his remaining time to his illustration.

The album cover that landed Khodabandeh in the LA exhibit.
The album cover that landed Khodabandeh in the LA exhibit.
But his work as an illustrator hardly qualifies as a hobby. It’s more like another career that runs alongside his teaching. Across Richmond, and much throughout much of the art world, Khodabandeh is known for his work as an illustrator. A self-proclaimed visual communicator, Khodabandeh has illustrated countless pieces: graphic novels, comics, the Richmond Folk Festival Poster in 2015, record covers and many other works.

His most recent accolade for illustration came in the form of an induction into an exhibit being held by  The California for the Society of Illustrators LA—one of the most prestigious honors in the country for illustrators. The installment being featured is a record cover that he created for the band Night Idea for their latest record, “Breathing Cold.”  

“The point of departure for the album cover provided by the band was to draw an image of the moth,” Khodabandeh said. “Knowing the aesthetic of the band, I chose to play with the 'eyes' seen on the backs of some moths - turning it into a psychedelic motif."

Khodabandeh went on to state that he is very proud of his induction and the piece itself, but that he is just as proud to come from a city that produces so many talented illustrators. Three other artists from Richmond are currently in the California for the Society of Illustrators exhibit alongside Khodabandeh.

“It's always would be an honor to be included in the annual for The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, but it's especially exciting to be included in an exhibition with so many creatives that either live or have lived in Richmond."

To see more of Khodabandeh visit his agency site, Mended Arrow.