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A Robertson lecture at the Robertson School

Apr 29, 2020

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An introductory advertising class ended the spring semester last week with a virtual visit from Richard T. "Dick" Robertson, the namesake of the Robertson School of Media and Culture. 

Robertson told students about his time at VCU in the 1960s and his long and successful career in advertising and television. He answered questions and shared some advice on how to make it in the industry.

One student asked Robertson about the common traits that make successful business people, and when he knew that he had "made it" in his career. Another asked, "If you were our age, would you major in advertising at VCU again?” Of course Robertson's answer was yes.

After the class, a student said, β€œIt was good to hear him talk. I felt that he believes in us.”

"It was a motivational pep talk," said Professor Scott Sherman, who co-teaches the introductory advertising class Curiousness with Adjunct Professor Al Davis. "Dick is an inspiring speaker. He get students energized about their potential in communication industries. He is a big cheerleader for the Robertson School and for VCU," added Sherman.

Please view the class session with Dick Robertson below: