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A look back at the success of our student organizations

May 3, 2021

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By Zobia Nayyar, Communications Assistant

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) at VCU

“The pandemic has changed many aspects within the dynamic of our organization. Pre-COVID, our members of PRSSA were involved in agency tours, in-person networking events such as luncheons with PRSA (the professional branch of the organization), and social events with our members. During quarantine, we encountered many challenges on how we were supposed to replicate these in-person events, but we've managed to still do all of these things on Zoom. This semester, we've hosted general body meetings, a resume workshop with Career Services Advisor, Julia Bailey, and are now planning a Speaker Series with several industry professionals around Richmond. In addition, the pandemic hasn't changed what our organization is doing but it's changed how we do it. The easiest thing about an online-only format would be scheduling speakers for events. Since people are not required to actually travel to VCU's campus, it's easier to invite people to join our meetings. Our aim for the future of PRSSA is to have a hybrid structure for our events. We want to offer a mix of online and in-person events and opportunities so that everyone can participate and still feel comfortable. We will most likely keep our general body meetings online since we find that an easier platform for people to attend. However, we hope to return to in-person agency tours and networking events so that our members can experience that aspect of PR and Communications." - Vice President Francesca Victoria


Advertising Club at VCU

“Our organization has changed a lot since COVID. All of our events have gone virtual, but that has only increased our participation due to them being able to join from wherever. We’ve been able to secure informational tours from advertising agencies and companies from all over the United States: from Google to BSSP. Before we were only doing local tours, but they were in person. As president, I’ve learned a lot more technical resources through the transition of things being virtual. Like I mentioned above by shifting to virtual, it’s allowed for the ad club to open up our events to all students in the US and gain virtual tours and networking opportunities from agencies and companies not just in the Richmond area. It’s been harder to make the club feel connected through the virtualness so some things that we’ve done to combat that is start a GroupMe (large group chats to interact), gotten them more involved we did a t-shirt design contest that everyone in the club will get a shirt, and we also did a mentorship program. Each upperclassman gets an underclassman as their mentee. Our next president will tackle the transition from 100% virtual to decide how many in-person events we will hold. We also will be sending a satisfaction/suggestion survey to our members to see what they’re interested in doing next year. I know our biggest goal is to focus on the community access and bring the ad club back to feeling like a family and by hosting some meetings in person will bring back that feeling.” - President Allison Farrell


Society of Professional Journalists at VCU

“The pandemic was especially hard on the VCU SPJ club. The prior student leadership graduated amid the hit of the pandemic and was unable to recruit new members. Faculty advisors Dr. Tim Bajkiewicz and Alix Bryan-Campos said they are excited for opportunities in the fall, with more students back on campus. There are many exciting ways that the club can build networks with fellow Robertsonians and with local and state media organizations. All leadership positions are open within the club. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact Dr. B ( and Professor Bryan-Campos (” - Professor Alix Bryan-Campos