Jeanine Guidry

Jeanine P.D. Guidry, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Director, Media+Health Lab

(804) 683-4512

T Edward Temple Building, 901 W Main St., room 1149E

Curriculum vitae

Public Relations


  • Ph.D., Social and Behavioral Sciences, VCU School of Medicine
  • M.Sc., Health Sciences, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
  • M.P.S., Strategic Public Relations, George Washington University

Research Interests

  • Vaccines and vaccine hesitancy, message design and evaluation
  • Misinformation on social media, particularly focused on vaccines and infectious diseases
  • Eye-tracking methodology
  • Health decision aids and decisional conflict
  • Sexual violence and social media
  • Mental health and social media

Select Publications

  • Guidry, J.P.D., Carlyle, K.E., Miller, C.A., Ksinan, A., Winn, R., Sheppard, V. & Fuemmeler, B.F. (2022). The spread of COVID-19 related misinformation among cancer survivors. Patient Education and Counseling, 105(2), 265-268.
  • Guidry, J.P.D., Laestadius, L.I., Vraga, E.K., Miller, C.A., Perrin, P.B., Burton, C.W., Ryan, M., Fuemmeler, B.F., Carlyle, K.E. (2020). Willingness to get the COVID-19 Vaccine with and without emergency use authorization. American Journal of Infection Control, 49(2), 137-142.
  • Guidry, J.P.D., Vraga, E., Miller, C.A., Laestadius, L.I., Occa, A., Nan, X., Ming, H., Qin, Y., Fuemmeler, B.F. & Carlyle, K.E. (2020). HPV Vaccine on Pinterest: Before and After Pinterest’s Actions to Moderate Content. American Journal of Public Health, 110 (S3), S305-S311
  • Guidry, J. P. D., Carlyle, K. E., Perrin, P. B., LaRose, J. G., Ryan, M., & Messner, M. (2019). A path model of psychosocial constructs predicting Zika vaccine uptake intent. Vaccine, 37, 5233-5241.
  • Guidry, J.P.D., Messner, M., Carlyle, K., & Jin, Y. (2015). On pins and needles: How vaccines are portrayed on Pinterest. Vaccine 33, 5051-505 
  • Complete list of publications



  • MASC 336: Social media and PR
  • MASC 425: Research methods for PR
  • MASC 654: Persuasion


  • VCU Top Early Career Award (2021)
  • Ward White Top Two Papers of Practical Significance Award at the International Public Relations Research Conference (2021)
  • International ABERJE Award at the International Public Relations Research Conference (2016, 2017, 2020, 2021)
  • Top Four Faculty Paper Award, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication – ComSHER Division (2019)
  • Building Interdisciplinary Bridges in Women’s Health Research Award by the Virginia Commonwealth University Institute for Women’s Health (2018)