Chioke Ianson

Chioke I'Anson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Media Production


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, University of South Florida
  • B.S., Florida A&M University


Chioke Ianson, PhD, is a lecturer in the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture. He is also one of the voices of NPR's sponsorship messages. Since 2016, he has tracked and delivered underwriting copy for newscasts and digital downloads.

He is also a professor of African American Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and is the Director of Community Media at VPM + ICA Community Media Center, which provides free workshops and training to anyone who wants to get into podcasts. His current work focuses on podcast and media education for the public. As a philosopher, he is focused on the intersection of critical thought and media literacy. 

Dr. I'Anson serves on the board of the Association for Independents in Radio. He received a bachelor's degree in philosophy and religion from Florida A&M University and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of South Florida.

Research Interests

I'Anson is interested primarily in global humanitarianism and development. His dissertation is focused on the humanitarian ideologies that westerners often carry into the global south. Several philosophical perspectives are utilized in his research, including those from Black existentialism, African philosophy and German idealism. He is also interested in feminism and motorcycle studies.


Select Publications

  • "A Critique of Humanitarian Reason: Agency, Power, Privilege” with Geoff Pfiefer. The Journal of Global Ethics, Issue 2-3, December 2012
  • “The Neglected Question of Race in International Humanitarian Discourse” Sophia Series on Political Philosophy in Atlanta, Morehouse College. November 2013
  • “NGOs, Development and the Problem of Accountability.” Left Forum, Pace University. June 2013
  • “So You Want to Help? Conceptualizing and Reconceptualizing Humanitarian Aid and Development Work.” Advancing Public Philosophy, Emory University. March 2013
  • “Modernity, Existentialism and the Aid Worker.” Black Existentialisms: Situating Black Existential Philosophy. Duquesne University. February 2013
  • “Reflecting on Kony 2012: Lessons Learned for Global Activism.” Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, New York University. April 2012
  • “Hegel, Helmets and the Concept of Freedom.” International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference. University of Colorado. July 2014
  • “The Phenomenology of Riding: Two Perspectives on Machine Extended Consciousness.” International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference. University of Colorado. July 2010
  • “Social Change and Traditional Birth Attendants in Post Colonial Africa.” Invited Lecture, Smith College. March 2009
  • “Giving Birth Like a Girl: Narratives of Performance” with Rachel Zaslow. Workshop, Hampshire College. March 2009
  • “Unapologetically Black: Hip Hop's Effect on Black Liberation" Public Panel. Virginia Commonwealth University, February 2016
  • “What Does the Racist See? A Hegelian Reflection on Antiracist Tactics." Phenomenology and the Political. Washington Rowman and Littlefield. Fall 2016