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The graduate certificate in media and leadership is a 12-credit-hour program designed to prepare you for leadership roles in communications organizations. The program can be completed fully online and in two semesters.

In the program, you will learn about the principles of leadership and results-driven decision-making. The certificate program will educate you in the legal and ethical issues affecting media industries. In addition, you will learn to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace. As a graduate, you will be prepared to lead communications organizations across a variety of sectors.

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As a student in the media and leadership certificate program, you will take required courses that cover the topics of leadership and media law and ethics. You will then choose from elective courses on persuasion, multimedia storytelling and other topics to complete the certificate. Review required and elective courses for the certificate in media and leadership.

Student Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the certificate in media and leadership, you will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the practical skills necessary in media law and ethics
  • Demonstrate leadership skills necessary in contemporary media fields.
  • Master written and multimedia platforms, including modern tools and technologies, to communicate clearly and effectively to inform and engage audiences in mass communication fields such as journalism or strategic communication


As you approach the end of your academic program and the final semester of matriculation, you must make a formal application to graduate. No degrees will be conferred until the application to graduate has been finalized. Graduate students and program directors should refer to the following graduation information as published in the Graduate Bulletin for a complete list of instructions and a graduation checklist.


Prospective Students:

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Online Education Coordinator