Diversity Plan


The Robertson School is committed to diversity as a fundamental principle in fulfilling its mission. The school recognizes the critical importance of educating its students to embrace diversity as an important consideration in their careers in mass communications and as a means of contributing to society.

Diverse individuals and groups bring varied human characteristics to the school.

Diversity includes, but is not limited to, differences in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, national origin, socioeconomic class, marital status, religion, political thought and academic freedom.

A diverse school provides for a diverse classroom setting, which facilitates exchange among individuals with different perspectives. The school will expose students to alternative viewpoints and will encourage critical thinking related to diversity, multicultural and global issues. In addition to ensuring that diversity is an emphasis in classes and curriculum, the school will work to ensure that diversity is reflected in student, administrator, faculty and staff recruitment, and in all of its activities, initiatives, programs and outreach.

All faculty, staff and administrators have responsibility for achieving these diversity goals. The school’s plan is intended to empower all of those individuals, as well as students, to redress non-compliance with the principles of diversity that are detailed in this plan. To that end, this plan places the responsibility for addressing any issues or concerns that may be raised by students, faculty or staff with the director of the school and/or other appropriate university officials.

Goals and Strategies


The school is committed to a climate in which students, faculty, staff and administrators can freely express themselves and interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds. The school will take active steps to foster a diversity-friendly environment so that all of these individuals, from various backgrounds and perspectives, will feel included. This plan also is intended to foster mutual respect among those diverse individuals. In keeping with the diverse culture of the university as a whole, the school will promote openness, acceptance and inclusiveness. The school is firmly committed to fostering free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment.

The school will consistently endeavor to recruit, retain and promote administrators, faculty and staff members to facilitate diversity as defined above.

The school will also consistently endeavor to attract, recruit and retain undergraduate and graduate students to achieve a diverse student body. In recruiting and retaining students, the school also will monitor and attempt to address any gender disparity in the percentage of female and male students in the school.

The school will emphasize and promote diversity in its outreach and service to VCU, professional organizations, the Richmond community, high school and college students and teachers, and other groups. In such interactions, administrators, faculty, staff and students will encourage positive attitudes toward multiculturalism and showcase the school’s commitment to diversity.