Advertising Faculty

Advertising Faculty


Instructors provide office hours at the beginning of each semester. You may dial the office directly to speak to the faculty member or leave a voice message. You also may call the school’s administrative offices at (804) 828-2660. All offices are located in the Temple Building on W. Main St.

Adams, Jay
Assistant Professor, Advertising
B.S., Virginia Tech
M. S., VCU Brandcenter
Office: 2208H
Phone: (804) 827-0254

Camden, Bridget
Associate Professor
B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University
M.S., VCU Adcenter
M.F.A., School of Art Institute of Chicago
Phone: (804) 827-3730
Office: 2208E

Cheng, Hong
Professor and Director
M.A. Shanghai International Studies University
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Office: 2218
Phone: (804) 828-2660

Jennings, Marcel
Assistant Professor, Advertising
A.S. Richard Bland College
B.S., M.S. Virginia Commonwealth University
Office: 2203B
Phone: (804) 827-3568

Khodabandeh, Bizhan
Instructor, Advertising
B.F.A. Virginia Commonwealth University
M.F.A  Virginia Commonwealth University
Office: 2208J
Phone: (804) 828-4666

Rose, Ashley
Assistant Professor
B.S., Economics, Randolph Macon
M.S., VCU Adcenter
Phone: (804) 827-3725
Office: 2208

Rowe, Peyton
Associate Professor
B.A., University of Virginia
M.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University
Phone: (804) 827-3733
Office: 2208D

Sherman, Scott F.
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Advertising Sequence Coordinator
A.D., Northwest Mississippi Junior College
B.S., James Madison University
M.A., Syracuse University
Phone: (804) 827-3777
Office: 2203C