Advertising Faculty

Advertising Faculty


Instructors provide office hours at the beginning of each semester. You may dial the office directly to speak to the faculty member or leave a voice message. You also may call the school’s administrative offices at (804) 828-2660. All offices are located in the Temple Building on W. Main St.

Adams, Jay
Assistant Professor, Advertising
B.S., Virginia Tech
M. S., VCU Brandcenter
Office: 2208H
Phone: (804) 827-0254

Camden, Bridget
Associate Professor
B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University
M.S., VCU Adcenter
M.F.A., School of Art Institute of Chicago
Phone: (804) 827-3730
Office: 2208E

Cheng, Hong
Professor and Director
M.A. Shanghai International Studies University
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Office: 2218
Phone: (804) 828-2660

Jennings, Marcel
Assistant Professor, Advertising
A.S. Richard Bland College
B.S., M.S. Virginia Commonwealth University
Office: 2203B
Phone: (804) 827-3568

Khodabandeh, Bizhan
Assistant Professor, Advertising
B.F.A. Virginia Commonwealth University
M.F.A  Virginia Commonwealth University
Office: 2208J
Phone: (804) 828-4666

Rowe, Peyton
Associate Professor
B.A., University of Virginia
M.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University
Phone: (804) 827-3733
Office: 2208D

Sherman, Scott F.
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Advertising Sequence Coordinator
A.D., Northwest Mississippi Junior College
B.S., James Madison University
M.A., Syracuse University
Phone: (804) 827-3777
Office: 2203C

Shoval, Ashley
Assistant Professor
B.S., Economics, Randolph Macon
M.S., VCU Adcenter
Phone: (804) 827-3725
Office: 2208

Adjunct Advertising Faculty Fall 2014

James Adams
Rebekah Closs
Christina Dick
Aaron Dotson
Barbara Fultz
Kelly Gannon
Gary Garbett
Charles Gibbons
Mary Gill
Karen Grimm
Janell Hancock
Nathan Hess
Francis Horner
Matthew Norton
Keat Powell
Noel Ritter
Cynthia Schmidt
Elizabeth Scoggins
Thomas Scott
James Setaro
Charles Stevens
Jason Taylor
Robert Tarren