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Kendall Payne

Kendall Payne | 2010 | Owner, Graphic Hamper LLC

As a 2010 graduate from the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture, Kendall Payne earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Advertising with a minor in Political Science. While enrolled, Payne participated in the VCU Ad Club, VCU Women’s Rugby Team, and Sigma Sigma Sigma, Episilon Sigma Chapter. She was also a student member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). In addition, she completed two internships: Communicopia Marketing and PR Firm in Wake Forest, N.C. and Madison and Main Creative Marketing and Advertising Agency in Richmond, Va.

As expected, her active collegiate lifestyle has translated into an active professional agenda. Payne currently holds four professional positions as the Promotional Director for RVA Fashion Week, Creative Director for Integrity Global Brokers, Owner of Graphic Hamper: Graphic and Web Design, Web Development, Branding and Marketing, and Co-Owner and Lead Designer for Astronaut Clothing Company. As an individual who aspires to build brands that people love, Payne’s career path has already afforded her with a wide array of experiences.

After graduation, Payne was hired at a local restaurant for her graphic design abilities and experience. Her ads were featured in Richmond Magazine once a month and she quickly began to gain side projects as a freelancer. As freelance work demands increased, Graphic Hamper, her personal design business, became her primary concentration. During this time, Payne also joined the RVA Fashion Week team as their Graphic Designer. She eventually was appointed onto the Board as Co-Marketing Director and eventual Promotional Director.

Drawing from her freelance success, community involvement, and in what is described as her “aha-moment”; Payne was motivated to start her most recent venture, Astronaut Clothing Company. Payne affirms, “Astronaut Clothing is what drives and inspires me to do more”. Described as a brand designed and developed by personal experiences, Payne states that it would cease to exist without the people who believe in it, wear it, and live for what it stands. It is a brand to encourage people to “launch”.

When she’s not involved in her start-up companies, she serves as the Creative Director for Integrity Global Brokers where she maintains, designs, and updates social media, websites, and branding for their many companies. In all of her many projects, Payne has a passion for designing. She enjoys brainstorming with others and says that nothing is better than a “good creative concepting session”, which allows her to develop ideas that make people laugh, smile, and help their visions come to life.

When reflecting back to her undergraduate experience, Payne views VCU as fundamental to building her career. The long-lasting friendships with her classmates and professors helped her identify her strengths and weaknesses, something that has become a useful ability to her today. According to Payne, her degree from VCU is far from just a framed piece of paper. It is a constant reminder of her hard work and of the people who believed in her from the beginning. “Be brave, get shot down, get up and try again; it’s an ongoing cycle,” Payne recalled about her critiques in school. Ultimately, “VCU gave me the courage and confidence to put my work out there.”

Payne considers her greatest accomplishment to be found in her personal growth, something that she’s gained through her experiences and collaborations with her clients and colleagues. “Every day, I learn more about business and working with different types of people. I believe experience, along with knowledge, is the key to achieving what you ultimately picture as your future.” She wishes to remain consistent with her current projects, stating that’s she’s happy and busy, yet looks forward to collaborating with others and finding more free time for generating ideas. When looking at her future, she notes that “where I want to be will take time, and time is a good thing to have.”

Check out Kendall Payne’s work at:
Graphic Hamper –
Astronaut Clothing Company –
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