Minor in Media Studies

Minor in Media Studies


The minor in media studies consists of a minimum of 18 credits in mass communications as described below. All courses counted toward the minor must be completed with a minimum grade of C. Permission is required to enroll in all courses except MASC 101. All students in the minor in media studies program are required to register with the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture prior to beginning course work. See our Advising page for information on contacting a Robertson School academic adviser.

See our Advising page for information on contacting a School academic adviser. – See more at: http://robertson.vcu.edu/about/advising/minor-in-media-studies/#sthash.JYL2OCXI.dpuf

Media studies course work will be distributed as follows:

Required courses

MASC 101 Mass Communications
MASC 203 Journalism Writing or both MASC 201 Curiousness
and MASC 204 Story
MASC 408 Communications Ethics and Law

Elective courses –  Choose a total of four courses from the following lists.

MASC/INTL 151 Global Communications
MASC 210 Public Relations
MASC 300 Technical Prowess, MASC 301 Graphics for Journalism
or MASC 334 Public Relations Graphics and Production I
MASC 323 Public Relations
MASC 361 History and Development of Journalism
MASC 380 History of Advertising
MASC 474 Diversity in the Media
MASC 491 Topics in Communications (1-3 credits)
MASC 493 Fieldwork/Internship (1-3 credits)