Digital America—a new online journal on digital culture and American life

Digital America—a new online journal on digital culture and American life


diga_whole (1)Digital America is a new online journal produced in partnership with the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University. Digital America brings critical and creative thought to the mainstream. The journal features work in the digital arts and the humanities. Digital America is the first journal of its kind to bring together current undergraduate and graduate students, graduates, and post-docs in an exciting conversation about digital life in the 21st century. The journal also features diverse coursework in an effort to bring our readers inside the creative process.

Meghan Rosatelli, a graduate of VCU’s MATX program and founder/director of the project at UR states, “Digital America broadens the definition of a ‘student’ in the 21st century. We provide a publishing venue for student work that deserves a second life, we celebrate work by Millennials that never made it to a professor’s desk, and we bring together thinkers and tinkers from across the disciplines and the academic heirarchy. I wanted to create a space where all of my immenselty talented peers and students could go and feature their work without pigeon holing themselves into a particular field or medium. I found that I wasn’t alone in this desire, which makes the future of the journal really exciting.”

For our first issue, we are debuting our inagural group of columnists, who bring a diverse and thoughtful voice to topical digital issues. In addition to the columns, the inaugral issue will spotlight innovative course projects at VCUarts, the University of Richmond, and George Mason. Our readers can follow the development of virtual interworlds, smart cities, nightlife culutre and more. Finally, the issue will debut our first round of feature pieces from contributors across the country—the topics range from digital death to copyright.

Digital America is funded by an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant through the University of Richmond’s Tocqueville Summer Institute program. The Media, Art, and Text (MATX) doctoral program and the School of Mass Communications at VCU are enthusiastic supporters and collaborators. Students from MATX and Mass Comm work together with student interns at UR to create, brand, develop, write, and edit pieces for the journal.

Digital America ( publishes Features quarterly and Process Pieces (coursework) and Columns weekly. We accept submissions from throughout the year at Interested in writing for us or having us feature a in-class project? Contact Meghan Rosatelli at

About Digital America

Digital America was founded in 2013 at the University of Richmond. The project works in cooperation with VCU’s Media, Art, and Text Program and School of Mass Communications to provide a topical alternative publication opportunity for students and Millennials on digital culture and American life. The project seeks to become the premier destination for creative and critical thought on digitization from across the disciplines.

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